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Total Species

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Class Name

% of State

All Species

900Bottomland Hardwood3.34907221
434Mixed Pine-Hardwood5.95083216
31Clearcut - Sparse Vegetation7.53495204
411Sub-mesic Hardwood4.37592194
410Mesic Hardwood0.89537189
412Hardwood forest8.87963187
414 Deciduous Cove Hardwood0.23578175
890Cypress-Gum Swamp4.07304169
433Mixed Cove Forest0.06471166
990Evergreen Forested Wetland2.20165166
620Longleaf Pine0.85639163
20Utility Swaths0.32671162
431 Montane Mixed Pine-Hardwood0.45449162
420Live Oak0.20003154
440Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine10.94653153
441Loblolly-Slash Pine10.82909152
422Open Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine2.13138148
424Hemlock-White Pine0.02784147
413Xeric Hardwood0.65973145
930Freshwater marsh0.56528142
80Pasture, Hay7.65432142
432 Xeric Mixed Pine-Oak0.31033141
980Shrub Wetland0.81507141
425White Pine0.16666132
201Forested Urban - Deciduous0.61209132
203Forested Urban - Mixed 0.36402130
202Forested Urban - Evergreen0.41917130
11Open Water2.91559126
415Northern Hardwood0.00070116
73Golf Course0.09146107
72Parks, Recreation0.08609105
22Low Intensity Urban - Nonforested0.5873687
513Coastal Scrub0.0082485
423Xeric Pine0.1172678
83Row Crop12.6287472
34Rock Outcrop0.0074754
9Coastal Dune0.0038247
24 High Intensity Urban0.7950746
511 Shrub Bald0.0007445
33 Quarries, Stripmines0.1028341